Academic UCC Meeting Summary – June 2012

Wednesday June 20th, 2012
3‐5 p.m.
In attendance: Ken Robb, Stephanie Ball, Sheila Bell, Deb Rautins, Ken Lomp, Judy Robinson, Ben Kelly
Regrets: Sandra Bennett


The union noted that they received feedback that there was no opportunity for questions or discussions at the April town hall. The agenda had planned for dialogue however there was not enough time for discussion.

Non SWF work
Research contracts are not captured on the SWF as it is a separate contract offered through the Office of
Institutional Research. The union feels research hours should be factored into the SWF.

VPA and OIRS are to develop a document that outlines the process and options available to faculty.
VPA will look into how online work is recorded on a SWF.

Overtime for librarians and counselors
A concern has been raised over librarians and counselors who have been asked to work overtime. There is no formula for overtime in the collective agreement. There is potential to put a local understanding in place on overtime for librarians and counselors in regards to payment or lieu time. This is the first time this concern has been raised.

VPA is to speak to the library regarding the concern over overtime.
Union has offered to attend a meeting with the supervisors to find a solution.
Union is to send a message to the union presidents list to look for other practices.

Attendance at PD
The union asked why attendance was being taken at the training for the new LMS (Desire 2 Learn). There are other methods to receive training other than the in class settings. The attendance is being taken for data reporting to the BOG and PQAPA audits.

PD for FT faculty during the school year
Probationary faculty are required to complete the first three courses in their first year and the additional two courses are up to the discretion of the faculty member. There is release time in the first year, but not in the second year as it is discretionary. The union feels that taking the courses should allow faculty to get to the top step of compensation. There is an opportunity for faculty to PLAR the courses.

Pickering update
The goal is to have occupancy in early August. There is no estimated enrolment changes based on the location. Each college manages its own student support services. There will be compensation for travel between locations.