Access to the salary schedule maximum

Access to the Salary Schedule Maximum

At page 114 of our Collective Agreement reference is made to the In-Service Teacher Training Program (ISTTP). Importantly, this program will no longer be offered after August 31, 2019.

Employees who currently cannot reach step 21 can enroll in the ISTTP and, upon successful completion, are eligible to reach step 21.

Employees with 15 years or more of service who currently have a maximum step below step 21 may enroll in ISTTP and will receive an immediate one step increase. Following successful completion of the program an employee will be eligible to reach step 21 on the salary schedule.

It is important to enroll prior to August 31, 2019 as those employees who enroll by this date will be able to complete the program and attain maximum step. Enrollment after this date will not be possible.

Importantly, employees do not need approval from his/her supervisor to enroll in the ISTTP. The immediate 1 step increase for employees who enroll in ISTTP is not at the discretion of a supervisor or management; it is mandatory pursuant to our Collective Agreement.

Please note that employees are responsible to contact his/her supervisor and HR to advise that he/she has enrolled.

Please see the information attached explaining ISTTP.