Bargaining Team Summary of Vote

Tentative Deal Ratified by Faculty, But…

On September 23, 2014, you – college faculty across the province – voted to accept a new collective agreement. The three-year contract is effective from September 1, 2014 through to September 30, 2017.

While the deal has been accepted, the low 61 % vote in favour of ratification should be an indication to college management and to the provincial government that the problems in the college system are real, that they must be addressed, and that faculty must be part of the solution.

The effects of systemic underfunding, a growing part-time faculty presence, escalating tuition fees, and increasing corporate control over course offerings and curriculum can no longer be ignored if Ontario’s community colleges are to continue to provide quality education.

The 2014 Report on Education in Ontario Colleges, the changes sought during negotiations, and the healthy discussions about the pros, cons, and potential implications of the tentative agreement have all contributed to an increased awareness in college faculty that our community college system is under real threat.

Faculty are talking about the issues and the need for change – we must keep this momentum going. We have just over two years before the negotiation process starts again.

Two years to:

  • show management that the system isn’t working
  • faculty need more time to prepare and deliver quality education
  • a strong, secure body of faculty are essential for providing quality education
  • appropriate pay is needed to recruit and keep experienced, qualified faculty
  • increase public awareness of the need for faculty to maintain academic integrity by guiding the classroom and curricular decisions that impact quality education
  • make government aware that a strong, publicly-funded post-secondary system can best meet the needs of Ontario.

Your 2014 Bargaining Team will work with your Divisional Executive and your Local Executives to plan a coordinated, provincial-wide offensive to reach these goals before bargaining begins again.

Stay tuned for details of the plan and how you can take part!

In solidarity

Your Bargaining Team