Bargaining Update – August 27th, 2014


As of this week, there are no important news updates regarding negotiations. The following is a summary of the process and where it is right now:

There is a news blackout agreed to by both sides, union and management. This is intended as a way to focus energy on the negotiations and to avoid any possibility of contentious language being sent to members. The blackout will continue for as long as both sides agree to maintain it. The blackout is a good sign, as it indicates that both sides are serious about negotiating.

A conciliator has been appointed. This was agreed to by both sides, and it also indicates a positive situation. Both sides agree that a conciliator is likely to be helpful in bringing the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

The current collective agreement expires on August 31, but both sides have agreed to maintain the current situation until September 25, when there MIGHT be a strike vote. Management agreed to NOT impose a new collective agreement or lock out union members before September 25.

There is a good chance that a new agreement will be reached before September 25. If so, there would be a ratification vote rather than a strike vote.

Finally, it is essential to re-state that a strong strike vote does NOT mean a strike. In fact, a strong strike vote strengthens our bargaining team and so helps their chances of reaching a settlement without the need of a strike.