Class sizes over 260 – Know Your SWF

Class sizes over 260 – KNOW YOUR SWF

Are you in the position of teaching to a total of 260+ students. Your Union has seen a rise in the number of students taught in a semester. Take a look at your SWF and count ALL students under “CLASS SIZE” . ( these include sections that are a breakout from one large class . Our Collective Agreement states (11.01F2):

“When a teacher who has more than 260 students in his/her total course load considers that he/she will not have sufficient time to provide appropriate levels of out-of-class assistance, the teacher will discuss the issue with his/her supervisor. Possible means of alleviating the concern should be considered such as additional types of assistance being provided or ADDITIONAL HOURS BEING ATTRIBUTED. Failing agreement on how to best manage the situation the teacher SHALL BE ATTRIBUTEDAN ADDITIONAL 0.015 HOUR FOR EVERY STUDENT IN EXCESS OF 260.

If you are in this position, please do not hesitate to ask for solutions from your supervisor. It is NOT the norm to teach over 260 students. For further information contact your Union Office.