Course Development


In the past, your time preparing a NEW course development, was granted up to 8 hours on your SWF. Management agreed that the preparation and completion of tests/curriculum, notes etc for this NEW Course granted time on the SWF. Many faculty have seen this on their SWF ( 8 hours placed under Complementary functions). GNED courses needed a bank of courses, in order to allow for a valid selection by all the College Schools. Most of these courses were completed during our May/June time period. This DID NOT eliminate your 8 hours.

We are seeing a pattern, by management, to ignore this past practice. Some faculty are being “asked” to prepare course development as functions to do during May/June period. Our Collective Agreement (11.01D3ix) protects us from this “request”:

“Hours for curriculum review or COURSE DEVELOPMENT assigned to a teacher on an ongoing basis, in lieu of teaching or in a NON-TEACHING period, shall be attributed on an hour for hour basis and RECORDED on the SWF.”

Management are informing us that faculty are “asking” / “volunteering” to do this task. Thus they feel they do NOT have to give hours when you ask to do this assignment. Our Collective Agreement protects all for consistent work to be attributed on our SWF. All , not some , should get the approved 8 hours on your SWF. For further information please contact your Union office.