Did You Develop a New Course This Spring?

Did You Develop a New Course This Spring?

If you developed a new course this spring our collective agreement and its interpretation at arbitration provides that the time for such development must be captured on your Winter swf (i.e. the previous semester’s swf). The local union is concerned that course development work that was previously swf’d – at 8 hours of complementary time per week – has now been removed from the swf because the course development is being done during a non-swf period.

Article 11.01 D 3 (ix) of our collective agreement applies and reads:

Hours for curriculum review or course development assigned to a teacher on an

ongoing basis in lieu of teaching or in a non-teaching period, shall be attributed on an

hour for hour basis and recorded on the SWF. [emphasis added]

For a full read of this award please read below as the arbitrator clearly applied this article and determined that the faculty member should have been swf’d for her time developing a course in a non-swf period.



If you believe you should have been swf’d for course development this spring, regardless of whether you approached your supervisor about developing a course, please contact one of your union Workload Monitoring Group Members to discuss confidentially:

Nicole Zwiers – nicolefromdurham@gmail.com

Bill Chilton – wchilton@rogers.com

Chris Harris – chrisbut2fly@gmail.com

Sue Dickinson – sued30@hotmail.com