Full time Teaching Con-Ed

Full time Teaching Con-Ed

I would like to address the ‘rumblings’ of some faculty regarding the decision to follow the Collective Agreement regarding Full time faculty teaching in Continuing Education which was initiated last year. Some faculty have addressed this with me personally, while others continue to question our actions on this decision.

I acknowledge that the change is of financial concern to some. Historically, Local 354 did not follow the Collective Agreement, which allowed our members to work and make extra money, to the amounts of $3000-$25,000 or more per year.

For years the Local was chastised by our Sister Locals in the College system for allowing this.

In 2013, the College announced that Full time faculty would and could be SWFted into the evening hours. It is predicted that this will occur more frequently in the future. This decision set the stage for our Local to revisit Con-Ed and it was decided, with much thought, to follow the Collective Agreement.

In the most recent arbitration of this matter(dated March 31st, 2014), Algonquin College received a preliminary award stating “that Article 2 “giving preference to the designation of full time positions over Partial load teaching positions or sessional positions” is applicable to Con Ed”.

 It is and has been the position of the Union that Con Ed teaching belongs to full time teachers and therefore should be SWFted. This supported the initial arbitration titled the “Canadore Award” and also an arbitration conclusion reached at St. Lawrence College.

Debbie Rautins, President Local 354