Master’s Degree Equals 6 points on Your Initial Step Calculation:

Master’s Degree Equals 6 points on Your Initial Step Calculation:

When you were hired at Durham College did you already have a Master’s degree? Across the province some of the colleges have consistently taken the approach that only new hires with a Ph.D could obtain 6 points in his or her initial step calculation.  However, the attached arbitral award by arbitrator Norm Jesin takes the approach that a 4 year undergraduate degree and a 2 year Master’s degree add up to 6 points for education for the purpose of one’s initial step calculation.

Unfortunately, in Mr. Jesin’s award the faculty member did not receive an increase in steps as a result of his interpretation because her experience had been inflated at the time of her hire to ensure she received the same amount of pay she had received while employed at another college.  However, the interpretation of our Collective Agreement by Mr. Jesin in respect of the proper calculation of education for initial step placement purposes is highly relevant and can be used to argue that every faculty member with a total of 6 years post-secondary education is entitled to 6 points. Here is link to the award:



Regardless of when you were hired, if you think that you may be entitled to 6 points on your initial step placement for your education but you did not receive 6 points, please contact any of the union members on the Workload Monitoring Group to discuss confidentially:


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