Potential Items in HR File

Potential Items in HR File:

The following is a potential list of documentation:

Personnel file includes: All supporting documentation for individual employees, such as:

• Job postings
• Resumes
• Consent forms
• Reference checks
• Signed offer letters
• Contract letters
• Academic credentials
• Probation report
• Performance reviews
• Professional development plans
• Letters of resignation
• Vacation entitlement
• Disciplinary notes
• Salary/pay adjustments
• Letter of acceptance
• Work permit
• Pension documents related to end of active employment (resignation, termination, retirement, death)
• Training completion files or certifications

Personnel benefit file includes: Employee benefit files noting deductions, beneficiaries, and benefit changes, as well as benefit costing reports – vacations, professional development leaves, leaves of absence, LTD, maternity leaves, supporting documentation, such as:

• Doctors note/physician statement
• Sun Life enrolment forms
• Correspondence
• Birth certificate
• Documentation to support life event
• Pension documents