Provincial Pre-Bargaining Survey Results and Next Steps

Please see below a link to the latest provincial bulletin – March 18, 2014 – regarding the process of prioritizing for the new round of negotiations (our current collective agreement will expire on August 31).  Our provincial bargaining team did NOT choose which issues to bring forward for negotiation.  Rather, professors, counsellors, and librarians from the 24 Ontario colleges have communicated their concerns to the bargaining team.  The bulletin discusses the results of the communications received from the membership.  The bargaining team will now streamline and clarify our demands.  Then, these demands will be presented to the colleges’ bargaining representatives.  The newsletter, linked below, “Pre-Bargaining Survey Results,” gives a more detailed discussion of our priorities and the process for going forward.

The above link is for bulletin #2:  other bulletins and communications, as well as French-language versions, are available here: