Reminder: Partial Load – September Contracts

Reminder:  Partial Load September Contracts

With Part-time contracts being renewed for the fall, we would like to remind you to review article 26.10D and the advice of the Union as follows:

Collective Agreement Amendments

Partial-Load Teachers:

Article 26.10 D (new)

Subject to the application of Articles 2.02 and 27.06 A, where the college determines that there is a need to hire a partial-­‐load employee, it will give priority in hiring to current partial-­‐load employees whose contracts will expire prior to the start of the assignment and partial-load employees whose contracts have ended within six months of the start of the assignment if the following conditions are met:

(i.)     The partial-­‐load employee must have previously been employed as a partialload employee for at least 10 months of service as defined in 26.10 C within the last 4 academic years. 

 (ii.)     The partial-­‐load employee previously taught the courses that form the new partial-­‐load assignment.

 The offer of partial-­‐load employment is conditional on the college subsequently determining there is sufficient enrolment to warrant the assignment being offered.

 This will mean that partial-load teachers will have to watch for when the college re-offers courses they have taught in the past 6 months.  Very few partial-load positions are posted and often there is a short lead time before a partial-load assignment begins.  Accordingly, partial-load faculty need to monitor the programs and courses closely at the start of the term to determine if there is an assignment they are entitled to be given priority for in hiring.