Union-Management Relationship Deteriorates

The Union College Committee (UCC) is a committee included in the Collective Agreement. Its purpose is to settle potential complaints and grievances in order to avoid the more formal processes. Historically, at Durham College, this committee, composed of 4 union and 4 management representatives, meets on a monthly basis. Over the past 20 years, the meetings were suspended for a short period only once.

We believe that this committee is important to the union’s relationship with management and in the past reflects that relationship. We believe that a collaborative attempt to resolve issues in a manner that is honest and transparent is essential. Recently, that intended spirit of collaboration and respect for every member of the committee was breached by management. Due to this occurrence, your Union representatives on this committee made the difficult decision to suspend the meetings until the management representation on the committee is reformed to ensure that the positive working relationship can be restored. Both the January and February meetings were cancelled by the Union representatives.