Warning Signs regarding Discipline / Termination

Warning Signs Regarding Discipline / Termination

Your local leadership has been made aware of some management strategies regarding discipline and termination.
Unfortunately, a reality of the workplace is that employees may encounter disciplinary action which may lead to termination. We would like to provide you with some information which may give you a heads up that this is happening to you. If you experience any of the following, you should consider immediately contacting your union representative.

1. You are requested to meet with your Dean and no reason or “performance” is provided as a reason for meeting. It may or may not be suggested you bring union representation.
2. You are requested to meet with your Dean and the Director of Human Resources and to bring Union representation.
3. You have been assigned Professional Development under complementary functions on your SWF which you did not request.
4. You are not attending assigned meetings and are receiving phone calls, emails or other notification after such meetings. (faculty may be swfted meeting time: if you are, ensure you RSVP regrets and document time spent in meetings on a monthly basis.)
5. Student evaluations will now be used to compile evidence against you for dismissal or discipline to warrant just cause. In the past student evaluations were used for continuous improvement only. Recently, we have been informed by management that this is no longer the case.