What’s the Purpose of Your SWF Meeting?

What’s the Purpose of Your SWF Meeting?

As clarified in our Collective Agreement, all managers are obligated to have a collegial meeting with faculty before issuing a SWF.

In other words, your SWF meeting is NOT a meeting where you are assigned your work.

Rather, in the spirit of collegiality, you and your manager will discuss your proposed work assignment. You, as a faculty, have every right and obligation to discuss your preferences and where necessary, suggest alternatives.

For instance, if you have a desire to teach other courses or to teach courses currently offered to part time teachers, you should ask. If you have ideas about professional development, alternative timetables, teaching times, or marking factor, or any other concern relevant to your work assignment, you should put forward these ideas and your manager has a duty to work with you to try to see to it that your desires and needs are met.

Article 11.02A1(a) states “Prior to the establishment of a total workload for any teacher the supervisor shall discuss the proposed workload with the teacher and complete the SWF…” Further, 11.02A6(a) states “In the event of any difference arising from the interpretation, application, administration or alleged contravention of 11.01, 11.02, or 11.09, a teacher shall discuss such difference as a complaint with the teacher’s immediate supervisor.”

A final note: if you feel that your work assignment was not amicably agreed to, you always have the right to reach out to your Union WMG team – this is done by checking-off the box on the appropriate line on the back of your SWF or by having a conversation with your Steward or a member of the WMG team.