Congratulations Nicole Zwiers!

Congratulations to Your Local’s President Nicole Zwiers!

It is with great pleasure and an honour to announce that Nicole Zwiers (Local 354 President) has been elected to be a member of the CAAT-A 2017 Bargaining Team. The college academic collective agreement expires September 30, 2017.

A few members of your LEC joined other faculty members from Ontario’s 24 public colleges over the past weekend to attend your division’s pre-bargaining conference. A summary of the weekend agenda can be found on the website. On Sunday, the delegates at the conference elected your 2017 Bargaining Team.

Those elected were:

Darryl Bedford, Local 110

Mona Chevalier, Local 470

JP Hornick, Local 556

Kevin MacKay, Local 240

Shawn Pentecost, Local 415

Ravi Ramkissoonsingh, Local 242

Nicole Zwiers, Local 354

As a participant of this Pre-Bargaining Conference I was able to learn about each of the members of the Bargaining Team as they each gave a speech prior to the election. I feel very confident that we have an extremely competent group of dedicated union brothers/sisters who bring a diverse wealth of knowledge and skills.

As for our “own” member of the team, Nicole, she brings a strong legal background; solid leadership and communication skills; she is assertive, decisive and has an extremely strong work ethic. It is a well-deserved role for our President, who has been, and continues to be an active member of your LEC; starting as a union Steward; then being your Chief Steward to her present position as our President.

We are proud of you Nicole and on behalf of Local 354 we stand behind you 100% as you and the Bargaining Team lead us into our bargaining year!