Durham College Demand Setting Meetings Held

This week, two demand-setting meetings were held at Durham College, on Tuesday February 11 (at Oshawa campus) and Thursday, February 13 (at Whitby campus). 

Your attendance and participation at these meetings is greatly appreciated.  As noted at the meetings, the negotiating team does NOT set the demand agenda.  This is the membership’s responsibility at all 24 colleges.

At the two meetings at Durham College, one of the seven negotiators, Jonathan Singer, presented a power point detailing the process and timelines.  He also clarified the need for all members to be aware that they are leaders in this process.

Jonathan also noted that the negotiating team will be making communications a top priority.  Weekly newsletters will be available once the process begins in June.

The ranking of our local’s demands was tabulated and is as follows:

  1. Salary
  2. Academic Freedom/Intellectual Property
  3. Full-time positions/prevention of outsourcing (contracting out)
  4. Online/hybrid language, including preparation and evaluation recognition
  5. Workload-increased complementary time/increased time for all members to do work (counsellors/librarians/faculty)
  6. Improved language for Part-time, Partial Load, Sessional
  7. Partial Load- increased language related to internal hiring, job security
  8. Benefits- vision/dental(implants)
  9. Elimination of 2-tier system which treats post-secondary and non-post-secondary teachers differently in the CA
  10. Allowance of OT