First Local Levy Increase in 17 years


First Local Levy Increase in 17 years
At the General Membership Meeting (GMM) on May 25, 2016 the members voted unanimously to increase the local levy to 0.35%. Treasurer Bill Chilton presented the Financial Statements to the members and explained the rationale for the increase. Members commented on the very lean expenditures of the local union and recognized that an increase was warranted at this time.
Previously members paid a flat rate regardless of earnings with partial load faculty paying $6.50 and full-time faculty paying $13.00 each monthly pay. With the increase and change to a percentage based levy, the percentage is applicable to all members with lower earners paying less and higher earners paying more.
The increase will come into effect starting this September 2016.
An example of what a member will pay in respect of the levy increase based on a salary of $80,000, this will translate into $23.33/month (tax deductible).
(member salary x 0.0035 (0.35%) / 12 = monthly local levies)
Our Local financials are continuously monitored and review as a whole every general membership meeting (Fall & Spring).