Important news regarding Negotiations – June 12th, 2014

YES vote does NOT Mean a Strike

On August 28, 2014, your provincial negotiating team will ask all members of CAAT-A (teachers, librarians, counsellors) to vote to give them the authority to call a strike if necessary.

Voting “Yes” on August 28 DOES NOT mean “yes” to a strike. Rather, a strong “yes” vote means it will be less likely that a strike will occur. A strong “yes” vote strengthens your provincial negotiating team.

A weak “yes” vote would send the message that the college management side can be aggressive, including demanding roll-backs to our collective agreement.

If you want your provincial negotiating team to have a strong hand, and to maintain and enhance your current salary and benefits, it is essential that you vote “yes” on August 28.

Dave Smith, Communications Officer and Debbie Rautins President, OPSEU Local 354

Click below for the flyer.

2014-06 CAATA Strike Vote Flyer EN