March 9, 2017 – Today’s Toronto Star Article

March 9, 2017 – Today’s Toronto Star Article

Dear Durham College Faculty,

I wanted to give some information to you about today’s Toronto Star article regarding an Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) complaint brought by Professor Kevin McKay of Mohawk College against the president of OPSEU, Warren “Smokey” Thomas. I have attached a link to the article here:

Kevin McKay is the Vice Chair of our Divisional Executive comprised of 5 faculty members elected to represent the interests of our CAAT-A division within OPSEU. Kevin has also been elected to our 2017 CAAT-A bargaining team.  Finally, Kevin is the first Vice President of the Local at Mohawk College and has been active in union business for many years.

I have worked with Kevin on the Divisional Executive and I am working now extensively with Kevin as a member of the bargaining team. Kevin is an outspoken advocate for our CAAT-A division and has voiced concerns with OPSEU’s operations over the past while.

The presidents of the CAAT-A locals are overwhelmingly in support of Kevin and, in particular, support his decision to proceed with an OLRB complaint to use the proper legal process intended to determine whether a breach of the Ontario Labour Relations Act has occurred.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Nicole Zwiers

President, Local 354

Vice Chair, 2017 CAAT-A Bargaining Team