New Strike Vote Date: September 25

After Union and management meetings with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), a possible strike vote date has been changed from August 28 to September 25.  Why did this change happen?

The OLRB listened to arguments from our union bargaining team and management representatives.  Management reps asked for a revised date, preferably in mid-September.  Through a process of discussion, agreement on a revised date was reached.

No “imposed” contract before the strike date:  this was our team’s key request in return for a new vote date.  Management agreed to this request, so bargaining will continue up to the September 25 voting date.

If negotiations go well, the vote date could become a vote for a new, tentative settlement.  That is the hope of our team, and we will continue our good-faith bargaining up to and perhaps beyond September 25.

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