On-Line Feedback of Faculty: Many Faculty Express Concerns

On-Line Feedback of Faculty: Many Faculty Express Concerns

Your local Union representatives heard many faculty concerns regarding the new on-line student feedback on faculty performance tool and as a result, we circulated a survey monkey to learn more.

The response rate was overwhelming! 136 faculty completed the survey and 93 faculty took the time to offer comments. Thank-you to everyone who did the survey as the very high response rate indicates a genuine concern regarding this issue, and it also indicates that there is a great deal of validity to our surveymonkey results.

The following will summarize the survey results:

Question 1: Do you have concerns about the new on-line student feedback survey that was used for the first time this semester?”

Yes                   59.56%

No                    18.38%

Not Sure          22.06%

Question 2: If you are aware of the student completion rate, please estimate below, approximately.”

0-20%             30.17%

21-40%            40.52%

41-60%            18.1%

61-80%            8.62%

81-100%          2.59%

Clearly, this is concerning, that over 70% of faculty estimated that the student completion rate was below 40%.

Question 3: Comment summary was mainly captured by the following categories with examples:

  1. Happy with the process
  • e. “I teach in a lab so it was easy for me to give the students class time to complete the survey. I think this is much more efficient than distributing paper surveys to the students.”
  1. Too much work for the students
  • e. “…students I’ve talked to said they couldn’t take the time to do the survey…the old way was the best way.”
  1. Survey structure was problematic
  • faculty were concerned about the accuracy of the on-line survey (i.e.: peer pressure, poor response rate)
  • e. “the ability to ‘evaluate my teaching’ without ever, actually, attending a single class.”
  1. Concerns regarding administration and how to encourage student participation
  • e. “Lack of administrative support and communication around use”
  1. Faculty who felt that angry/upset students would dominate the responses
  • Students were given a long period of time to do the survey
  • e. “This type of survey allows students to blame the prof for their failures and to have their friends join in and bash a prof. There is no control on the environment to where and when the survey is done.”

As a result of this survey and the outstanding response rate from so many engaged faculty, your union representatives will be able to discuss our concerns with management regarding the on-line tool and ensure that it is not in any way detrimental to our membership!