Open House Attendance will be SWF’d!

Your union is pleased to announce that through successful discussion and collaboration with management, we have reached an agreement whereby all faculty who attend Open House will have .5 added to their SWF under complementary functions.  The Deans of each school will determine the faculty needed at Open House and where a faculty member is approached about attending at Open House and agrees to attend, he or she will be SWF’d accordingly.

Importantly, all faculty who attend Open House in the Winter 2015 semester will receive a revised SWF that reflects .5 hours in complementary functions on their SWF.  For some faculty, this addition may place them in overtime where the total hours amounts to over 44 hours.  Such overtime will be paid at .01% of the faculty member’s gross annual salary.

As a final note, any faculty member who has been asked to participate in a call campaign for student recruitment will also be SWF’d .5 hours in complementary functions.  Again, this may cause overtime depending on the total hours of each faculty member’s respective SWF.  SWF’d time reflecting participation in the call campaign for Winter 2015 will be added to a revised SWF for Winter 2015 for those faculty members involved.

Going forward, any faculty member who is not SWF’d for Open House should not attend Open House.  A faculty member who wants to attend Open House should discuss such attendance with his or her Dean so that he or she can be properly SWF’d.  Similarly, any faculty member who is not SWF’d for participation in the call campaign should not participate.

Your union is very pleased to have the important faculty work of student recruitment included on our SWF.  We appreciate management’s cooperation in achieving this result.