Options for Workload in May/June

After communicating with Judy Robinson, Vice President Academic, the following list of options has been confirmed for faculty for the May/June period.

Please note in particular that option three (below) clarifies that faculty have the right to choose a “return to industry” assignment but that it is not mandatory.

(Verified by Management- March 13,2013)
1. All faculty will be required to complete the usual May/June curriculum development/revision, ACR, program mapping etc.
2. Some faculty will be SWF’d to teach in the May/June period (as negotiated with their respective dean).
3. Faculty may choose to return to industry using up to 10 of their annual PD allocation (negotiated with their respective dean).
4. Faculty may be finishing up research projects with ORSI.
5. Probationary faculty will be completing their final mandatory course for the DC Teaching Certificate with the CAFÉ staff.
6. Some faculty have indicated a desire for PD through the CAFE for the On-Line Institute.