Outsourcing Our Work: Academic Freedom and Why it is Critically Important to You

Outsourcing Our Work:  Academic Freedom and

Why it is Critically Important to You

 Why does Academic Freedom matter?  The three short videos below (link) discuss the out-sourcing of teaching due to the Ontario colleges’ claim of ownership of teaching materials created by full time Ontario faculty.

The three videos linked below discuss issues in the 24 Ontario public colleges regarding the following concerns:  outsourcing of teaching work, loss of full time teaching jobs, Academic Freedom, Intellectual Property concerns, and historical funding models and recent trends.  They feature Mohawk professor and CAAT A representative Kevin MacKay.

All three videos are brief, running about 10 minutes each, and are very clear and watchable discussions of issues of urgent concern to Ontario college faculty.

In the third and most recently-posted video, titled “Academic Freedom,” MacKay discusses the trend in Ontario colleges toward the out-sourcing of teaching to private colleges through their “ownership” of materials created by full time faculty.  Also, many Ontario college departments are increasingly retaining only a few full-time faculty who are tasked with managing course content while much of the teaching is given to part time, contract workers.  Click on the link below to view the video, which runs just over nine minutes:


 The second video, titled “Rising Tuitions, Academic Freedom, and On Line Courses,” was first uploaded on January 9th, 2014.  It runs just over 11 minutes.  Click on the link below to watch:


 The first video, “Austerity and Underfunding in Higher Education,” was uploaded on January 9th, 2014, and runs just over 9 minutes in length.  Click on the link below to watch:



These videos are also available on the CAAT A Ontario Faculty home page web site.