Partial Load Faculty Participation in Upcoming Strike Vote

Partial Load Faculty Participation in Upcoming Strike Vote

All union leadership at all 24 of Ontario’s public colleges feel that Partial Load faculty are full members of the Union and as such have a full right to participate in labour negotiations including input into demand setting and having full participation in any upcoming votes including a strike vote.

The Union’s position is that anyone who has been Partial Load since January 2014 has the right to cast a ballot. All 24 college locals will make every effort to allow these members to fully participate.

Ultimately, the Ontario Labour Board will decide on the eligibility of all voters for the strike vote scheduled for August 28, including the status of those Partial Load faculty who will receive a contract after August 28. The Union will actively make a request to the Labour Board that ALL Partial Load faculty (since Winter 2014) be entitled to vote whether they receive a contract before August 28th or not.

Dave Smith, Partial Load / Communications Officer, Local 354

Click the link below for the latest Bargaining Bulletin from the Negotiating Team regarding Partial Load Issues.

2014-06 CAAT-A Bargaining Bulletin 5_eng_Partial Load Issues