President’s Report – June 2015


As I sit here in my office, looking at the pile of things that I was hoping to get done before my summer vacation started, my mind wanders back to the year that has just gone by. There are the graduates, students with whom I have had in my classes for the last three years, who will not be returning in the fall. Whether we care to admit it or not, we do form an attachment with our students. Some will be missed, others not so much.

I truly wish them all the best in their future careers as electricians and hopefully I was able to leave them with some useful skills and the knowledge to be the best that they can be. As our trade is one that is constantly undergoing change, with new technologies and equipment and ever increasing safety and Code requirements, many will be back to further their knowledge and upgrade their skills. Perhaps I will see them again?

Then there are those that have been here for their level 1 or level 2 blocks, so there will some familiar faces in the seats. It is always a little more comfortable teaching when we have had the same students in the past. And of course there are always the new faces, some right out of high school, others starting off in their careers and (hopefully) eager to learn new things. Once again we will have to gain their trust in a few short weeks so we can get the most out of them. I’m sure these thoughts and emotions are common to us all. Such is the role of the college professor…

Now we get a reprieve from the classroom and can spend some much deserved “down time” to refresh and renew ourselves. Whether we spend our time relaxing at home, getting caught up with our to-do list of home repairs or working in the garden, it will be a welcome change of pace. So as you relax up at the cottage, on a holiday trip, or just kicking back on the patio in your own backyard with a nice glass of wine or a cold frosty one, take a moment to reflect on all the good you have done in the classroom. Another year has come and gone and we have had the opportunity to affect the lives of our students in a positive way, to pass on our experience, knowledge and skills so that they can make the most of their future. That is our reward.

No matter how you plan on spending your summer, on behalf of myself, your officers and your stewards, we just want to wish you all a safe and happy holidays. We look forward to seeing you again come the fall. Enjoy…

Tony Poirier

OPSEU Local 354 / President