The Mariposa Folk Festival!

The Mariposa Folk Festival

The Mariposa Folk Festival is a fantastic showcase for OPSEU as a sponsor and a community involved labour organization and it is simply one of the best folk festivals in all of North America. The values of the Mariposa’s Foundation closely reflect those of our own organization, highlighting Inclusiveness, Social Conscience and Diversity. This year there is an amazing line-up of talent including Randy Bachman with the Sadies, Arlo Guthrie, Kathleen Edwards, Murray McLauchlan, the Bahamas and many more. Visit the website at:
Held annually in Orillia, this event is a great opportunity for our members to enjoy world class music, and take in the other fun activities that are part of the festival. 2013 also includes an option for attendees to camp right at the event .

It is no secret that labour organizations are under attack by the right wing, corporate and profits driven agenda. Furthermore our own public services employers have villianized unions in the media. OPSEU and other trade unions must work to change that public image by highlighting the positive social and community oriented initiatives that we support and are involved in.
Once again we are hoping to fundraise for a sponsorship package from our Region 3 locals and OPSEU centrally. With donations from our Region 3 locals and main sponsorship from OPSEU we can secure a great sponsorship package that will put our banners one of the stages, advertising within the festival program guide, logo’s on event promotional material and on the webpage.

Our sponsorship will also give all OPSEU members a excellent discounted rate on passes for the weekend- a$60 discount on a $150 pass! . Please contact Gord Longhi for any further information and make sponsorship cheques payable to: Mariposa Folk Foundation. Remember that without sponsorship donations, we will not be able to secure these discounts in years to follow.
Locals Please mail cheques to Attn: Gord Longhi , 14 Myrtle Avenue, Hawkestone ON L0L 1T0
(If we are able to provide the same sponsorship as last year we will also receive 4 free passes to the event which will be given to Locals that have donated. The passes will be drawn lottery style and locals will receive one ballot for every hundred dollars donated. )




OPSEU CODE: 97abired

OPSEU authorized users can go to our website at

 Go to ‘purchase tickets’
 Scroll down to the section directly under the price list “Have a promo code?”
 Insert OPSEU promo code
 Follow instructions from there

Just a reminder that this discount is for adult tickets, 25 yrs.+. It’s a $60 discount. The gate price this year is $150.00.

Anyone who is aged 19-24 get weekend passes for $59 through the regular ticket purchase process.