There is no such thing as Lieu Time!

There is no such thing as Lieu Time!

It has recently come to the Union Local’s attention that some of our faculty members have been scheduled to invigilate exams on a Saturday. Please note that this time must be recorded on your swf.  Our Collective Agreement (C.A.) does not allow your dean to give lieu time instead.  In addition, time on a Saturday or Sunday is the exception, not the norm, and requires a reflection of time and a half on faculty’s swf.  If you are scheduled to invigilate for 3 hours on Saturday or Sunday, your swf must reflect 4.5 hours.

Finally, for some faculty with family care obligations it may constitute a hardship to work on a Saturday or Sunday.  If that is the case, please advise your dean of this fact and provide why working on the weekend poses a hardship.  Please feel free to contact the union through any union steward if you wish to discuss.  Ultimately, our C.A. requires consultation and discussion between the dean and faculty prior to any work assignment.

Below are the relevant articles from article 11 to this issue:

Article 11.01 L 3 – A teacher shall not normally be assigned work on calendar Saturdays or Sundays.  Where a teacher is assigned to work on a Saturday or Sunday, the teacher shall be credited with one and one-half times the credit hours normally given for hours so assigned and attributed.

Article 11.02 A 2 – The SWF shall include all details of the total workload including teaching contact hours, accumulated contact days, accumulated teaching contact hours, number of sections, type and number of preparations, type of evaluation/feedback required by the curriculum, class size, attributed hours, contact days, language of instruction and complementary functions.