Urgent! Are you in Overtime? Notify Your Supervisor Today to Ensure Payment.

Urgent!! Are you in overtime? Notify Your Supervisor Today to Ensure Payment.

Please send an email to your supervisor today indicating that you expect to be paid any overtime owing.  Overtime is any amount of total hours on your swf in excess of 44 hours and up to 47 hours.  Even though your teaching assignment has not changed in respect of the courses you are teaching since you received your swf last spring, you can be put in an overtime position by the addition of more students in your classes than that originally reflected on your swf.

Article 11.01J1 of the Collective Agreement provides that, “notwithstanding the above, overtime worked by a teacher shall not exceed one teaching contact hour in any one week or three total workload hours in any one week and shall be voluntary” [emphasis added].  Thus, faculty are supposed to be made aware of an overtime situation so that he/she can expressly agree to that overtime.

If you do not wish to be in overtime, contact your supervisor to advise that you do not want swf hours in excess of 44 hours. Note that your agreement to overtime cannot be unreasonably withheld.

If you want to be paid the overtime contemplated in our Collective Agreement at article 11.01J2 (.01% of annual regular salary) please email your supervisor today. If you do not contact your supervisor today we understand that the college will refuse to pay overtime you may be entitled to.